cedar tree storm clearup in Dartford Kent

Efficient Storm Damage Tree Clear up in Dartford

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Job Date: 22-01-2024

Location: Dartford, Kent

Situation Overview:

In the early hours of a January morning, our seasoned arborists Mike and Lee from MJ Tree Services London were called to a challenging task in Dartford. A venerable cedar, which had withstood many seasons, finally yielded to the relentless winds of a recent storm.


The mission was clear-cut: safely dismantle and remove a storm-felled cedar to prevent further risk to an adjacent property and its residents. This task required not just technical skill but also a strategic approach given the intricate tension points at play.

Challenges Met with Expertise:

Upon assessing the scene, Mike found the cedar in a precarious state, its hefty trunk resting against a structure, necessitating a careful and methodical removal process to avoid additional damage.

Operational Precision:

Equipped with ground saws and guided by their extensive field experience, Mike and Lee executed a precise plan of action. Each segment of the downed tree was removed with surgical precision, showcasing the high level of skill and attention to detail that MJ Tree Services London brings to every job.

Fallen cedar tree against a brick house post-storm in Dartford.
  • The cedar’s formidable trunk seen against the building, a testament to the force of nature and the delicate situation at hand.
MJ Tree Services team in action clearing the aftermath of a cedar tree damaged by storm in Dartford
  • The site after our careful work – a testament to the team’s ability to manage and mitigate potential dangers.

Reflections and Preparations:

This day’s work was a practical lesson in the unpredictability of nature and the necessity for meticulous planning in waste management. The clear, crisp weather was an ally in our efforts, providing optimal conditions for the safe execution of our duties.

Next Steps:

The completion of this task marks only the first step in our comprehensive service plan. We will revisit the site to securely remove the remainder of the tree, ensuring the property’s safety and visual harmony.

Mike, Lee and Kris’s expert handling of this complex situation underscores MJ Tree Services dedication to providing professional tree care solutions. Our approach combines industry-leading practices with a commitment to client and community welfare.

We look forward to our continued service in Dartford and beyond, maintaining the safety and beauty of our local landscapes. Trust in MJ Tree Services London for excellence in arboriculture, where each task is carried out with precision, professionalism, and a personal dedication to quality.

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